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About Our Team

house maid with cleaning tools

Our company has modest roots invested here in Ballarat, Australia. We have been servicing our community, which combined experience exceeding 20 years. Throughout the time our company and its founders have developed a system that always puts our customer first. The pillars of our business are as follows: We make investing in our people paramount, we support our customers and we committing to full transparency whilst being standout professionals. We take the time to listen to our people as well as our community and ways we can develop as an organization. Several examples of how we have been able to do this include adopting new ecological advanced technologies and eliminating old traditional, outdated chemical substances that no longer benefit the environment or facilitate in the job we are doing. Our people receive routine, regular training and development to increase and improve their understanding of our customer and our industry.

We have been witness to many different changes in our community as well as our business, which have led us to becoming adaptable to our environment. Our customers have families and they have businesses - they are busy enough taking care of their family and their business Do you have to take on an additional headache when it comes to proper cleaning service. Our mission is to eliminate any obstacles our customers may face when it comes to a clean. Whether it’s a household, commercial space or just a light touch up after a party our team is committed to serving our community and bettering the lives of our customers.


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