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What things/places do I need to clean before I step out of my flat?  

Your carpets and walls should be adequately vacuumed and washed before going out of your apartment, pre-installed kitchen appliances such as the microwave and refrigerators should be washed. Cabinet and closet interiors should be cleaned thoroughly; any paint and concrete that is scratched should be fixed. Cleaning and sanitizing of bathroom surfaces and sink etc. should be done correctly.      

Why do I need to sanitize the bathroom?  

People with a weak immune system and a poor digestive system particularly need proper bathroom sanitization. Many bacteria live on the floor and walls of your bathroom and washroom and can cause any severe health issues if it comes into contact with the human body. 

How do you do bathroom cleaning?

Before you begin with the cleaning process, make sure that your personal belongings are secure, then scrub the tub, bath, sinks, toilets etc. Then scrub walls, fixtures, toilet, mirrors etc. wash the door to the shower and leave everything clean and spotless. All the bathmats and cloth curtains etc. must be disinfected and cleaned. Then scrub the grout which holds all the grease and dirt. Lastly, clean the filters to the sinks and wipe and disinfect the doorknobs and handles. 

If I want to move out, do I need to clean my flat?  

Cleaning the apartment will ensure you get back your security deposit, cleaning the flat will also make it safe for the future tenants. If you want to put up your house for sale on the market, then cleaning it will make sure it looks good in the pictures and when visitors go in for inspection, they can see the actual place without the hindrance of unsanitary environment.     

Why do my windows look streaky right after cleaning?  

Streaky windows are the product of polluted water used to disinfect them; if the water is not clean, it will not clear the streaks and scratches on the glass. A filthy cloth or paper used to clean the windows may be another explanation for the streaks, so make sure you use clean water and clean cloth before cleaning dirt and stains from your windows.    

Should I clean my windows on a sunny day? 

Cleaning the windows on a sunny day might not be a good idea, as the water will dry too quickly on the glass, which will result in smears and streaks on the windows.  

Can I use newspaper to clean my windows?  

The newspaper has a dehydrated composition, and it removes the water very quickly from the windows, and it doesn’t transfer the water across the pane, which avoids stains on the surface. So, the newspaper is a great choice to wipe the windows clean.  

What is the procedure for deep cleaning of the bedroom?  

The first thing to do is wash and dry the duvets, blankets, pillow cover, etc.. The mattress is vacuumed for dust and debris. The ceiling fan, window panes, appliances etc. are then vacuumed and swept clean, the floor is vacuumed and cleanly scrubbed. The walls are washed, and the furniture’s under and behind are vacuumed, all these are just a couple of the other things that need to be done to clean the room thoroughly. 

Can my immune system weaken because of the unsanitary environment?  

Unclean and unsanitary environments raise the amount of tension that degrades human immunity. Dirt in the carpets carries harmful bacteria that make humans susceptible to diseases, dangerous species like mould-made mycotoxin increase in the carpets. These species take a significant toll on our immune system and subject us to numerous health problems. 

How frequently do I need to get my carpets deep cleaned?

Deep cleaned carpets are sanitary and also have a long life as compared to the carpets that get cleaned rarely. If you receive average foot traffic, then you can get the carpets cleaned in every 10-12 months, but in case the foot traffic is high then in every 5-6 months you to need to get the carpets cleaned so that they remain in top-notch condition. 

How can I decide if the leather is becoming dry? 

Identifying if the leather is becoming hard is very easy if it feels hard or brittle when you touch it, then the leather has started dry rotting. You may feel a powder-like substance on your fingers after touching the leather. This indicated that the item has inevitably dry rotted to a substantial extent.  

How frequently should I treat the leather?

You should professionally get the leather conditioned in every 4-5 months. This period may vary depending on the climate and environment in your area. You should get the waterproofing of the leather done once a year to make sure that its life isn’t shortened. The timescale can vary depending on your lifestyle and use. 

How can sticky leather be cleaned?

Its recommended to get professional support, but if you want to do it on your own, you can start by making foam in a soapy water tub, use this soap foam to scrub the leather. Dip the cloth in the foam and then rub it onto the sticky leather, continue wiping until all the sticky patches are gone. Then let the leather air dry. 

Could dirty rugs be a trigger for athlete’s foot?  

A dirty carpet is a significant cause of skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, and can also induce asthma in the body. If you walk barefoot on them, filthy carpets can cause athlete’s foot. Bacteria and fungus come into contact with your feet through bruises, cuts etc. Dirt and debris that collects on the carpet cause asthma attacks, which can sometimes be quite severe.

How do the grouts get cleaned?

Grouts are properly washed using steam technology or by using chemicals that ensure that the breading germs in the grout region are killed, sanitized and washed. Over time, the germs and bacteria build up in the grout, which can lead to various diseases that may hamper your immunity. 

What methods are used to clean the grouts?  

Before starting anything the floors are made ready for cleaning, then for some time the specialized cleaning agents are applied and left to soak, while simultaneously the tiles and grouts are scrubbed clean. Next, the pressurized cleaning machine uses hot water and friction to push all the debris dust-free. The water is vacuumed side by side, so unnecessary spots and stains are not left behind. Grouts are then air-dried and tested for any residual places. This sums up the fundamental operation. 

Do I need to clean the grout and the tiles before they get sealed?

Yes, the grout and tiles need to be correctly washed before they are sealed because some kind of dirt or contaminant left on the tiles or the grout will create sealing problems. Unless the house is brand new and has not been previously used, you need to get the cleaning done for all other situations.  

Should I wash the grout without professional help?  

It is nearly impossible to scrub the grout on your own without the use of qualified tools because they have a porous nature and accumulate soil, germs, liquids etc. and you cannot extract the debris from the deep pores by only moping on the surface. Getting them correctly washed makes sure all the dirt and germs are drained outright from the deep reaches of the grouts and tiles. 

Could get the grout clean cause harm to the floor?  

No, having your grout washed won’t ruin your floor, it’s done with great caution and safety. Only qualified and skilled experts are given the job of doing this task so that you can be assured for the safety of your infrastructure. 

How to Treat Upholstery Moulds? 

Place the furniture for a few hours in the sunshine, then by using a broad brush or scrubber clean any visible mould from the furniture. Using a vacuum, extract all the mould from the furniture cover. If there’s a lot of moulds, you should use soap foam to clean the mould with foam and fabric, and then let it rest for several hours in the sunshine. You should use an alcohol and water solution to spray it on the infected areas to eliminate the mould odour, and then let it dry in the air.  

How to take care of leather upholstery from pet residue?  

First, clean the upholstery carefully by a vacuum and then use a soap solvent but do ensure that the soap is not alkaline. Then wash the leather properly with the solvent and use a clean cloth to get rid of all the pet dander from the leather by washing it with water side by side. Then scrub the leather with a moist cloth with cold, clear water, so that the soap does not leak through the upholstery’s interior covering. When the leather is washed, use a fluffy towel to dry it. 

Which is better between carpet shampooing or encapsulation cleaning method for carpets?  

Carpet shampooing makes the carpet too wet, which takes a long time to dry and also the soap particles are left behind on the carpet, which makes it sticky. In contrast, in the encapsulation method, the synthetic detergent base is used, which crystallizes into powder upon drying and then it is brushed and vacuumed off. 

How often should I get my leather furniture oiled? 

If you have healthy climate and no extreme temperatures in the environment, and if the furniture has been used with care and not mishandled by the users then you should get the leather oiled or conditioned in every 7-10 months.  

What measures need be taken after a thorough cleaning of the carpets?  

To ensure that the cleaning process is not interfered with and the results are optimal, you need to allow the carpet to dry for at least six to eight hours before you walk or step on it. It is safer to let the carpet dry for a minimum of two days before putting any heavy furniture back on it. 

How to clean the house before summer arrives?  

You need to keep the air filters, gutters etc. washed before summer comes. If you’ve got a roof or a walkway, then have it professionally cleaned, so they’re ready for the summer heat. Clean the windows and window panes, and be ready to be able to open them to let the fresh air in, without any dust getting in the house with it.  

How to get rid of the pungent smell from the carpets? 

You may use essential oils and white vinegar mixed or baking soda along with few drops of essential oils, to make your carpets smell sweet, and you can apply them to the carpet now and then to ensure that they keep smelling fresh. For this reason, fragrances such as ginger, lime, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rose etc. are used, and they perform very well if used with proper care. 

Can the indoor air quality degrade when I clean the surroundings? 

Yes, it is a possibility that when you clean your indoors, dust particles can get suspended in the air and can get in your air track if you do not use a proper mask while working and breath in that same air. If you are removing moulds etc. from the furniture then also the air can get full with small mould particles that can degrade the air quality significantly. 

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