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The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that most people don’t like cleaning. The apartment has several parts that need to be cleaned thoroughly, thus the dislike by most people. For instance, you need a lot of time to clean the bathtubs, ridding showers, and the toilet. However, you can now enjoy cleaning your bathrooms by applying the following ten steps.

Bathroom Sink

Soap gunk, rust, cosmetics stains and watermarks may build up and stain your sink. However, you can retain the original colour of your copper sink or porcelain sink with little effort. First, wet the scourer with detergent and gently scrub the tub. You can use vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or lemon to remove the brown part of the copper sink. Then rinse the surface with water and dry it with a clean towel.

Keep the Bathroom Grout Clean

Grout keeps your tiles in place and prevents water from draining to areas where it shouldn’t. Keep it clean to avoid attracting mould and mildew or trapping dirt, soap scum and grime. You can use a soft-scrub brush and a mixture of vinegar and water. Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleaches on these surfaces. They may strip away water repellent that is built-in in the grout; thus contributing to the growth of mildew and moulds.

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Clean the Showerhead

The showerhead may get blocked by a collection of minerals, and this may reduce water flow. You can remove these minerals by tying a plastic baggie with white distilled vinegar around it. This should be allowed to sit overnight and repeated regularly. Remove the solution the following day and run water to rinse out the dissolved buildup.

Vacuum all Tile in the Bathroom

It’s said that a person sheds more than 100 strands of hair daily. This happens when showering, brushing or styling your hair and these strands end up on the bathroom floor. Therefore, you have to clean up your bathroom floor regularly because the hair may get stuck in the grout lines. Sweeping and moping may remove just a few pieces of your hair; thus; you can vacuum clean your bathroom to remove debris and hair on the floor tiles. There are different handheld vacuum that can reach places like behind the toilet, sink and window sill.

Keep Away Mold and Mildew

Mould and mildew are your enemies that you need to keep away from your bathroom. Mould loves dark, damp and isolated spaces, thus clean this room with mould-killing products. You can protect the walls and floor of your bathroom by ensuring that it’s well ventilated and dry at all times. Install a bathroom ventilation fan and leave it on for 30 minutes after a shower. You can also use mildew resistant curtain for your shower. Don’t ignore your bathroom rugs; they may provide places for mould to hide and thrive. If the problem persists, you can contact experts such as Ballarat Cleaning Service. These professional cleaners will deliver results at a reasonable price tag.

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Cleaning Walls, Ceilings and Tile

The first step is all-purpose spray cleaner on the ceiling, walls, countertops and tile. Next turn on the shower to release hot water and fill the room with steam. This should take roughly five minutes. Then close the tap and door for 20 minutes to allow the steam to mix with the detergent. Come back after 20 minutes and wipe the surface with a clean and the ceiling with a dry microfiber mop. You can apply a coat of wax on your ceramic tiles once every year to eliminate watermarks and to allow water to roll off without leaving any mark. Additionally, you can apply mildew-resistant paint on the untiled ceilings and walls.

Dry the Floor and Tiles after Use

You can keep your bathroom clean and dry every day by draining water after showering. You can use bathroom rugs to wipe up water on the floor and sink. Purchase a squeegee to keep shower dry and remove it from the room after use. This practice will prevent mould and mildew away and contribute to a cleaner bathroom.

Clean the Pipes

The waste pipes of your bathroom may get blocked by the buildup of food, hair and dirt. You can remove these by pouring hot water once a week. Use a special sink unblocker if the water doesn’t drain properly.

Clean the Toilet

You can clean the loo quickly by sprinkling all surfaces with antibacterial bathroom spray and leave it for 10 minutes. Pour a mixture of a cup of white vinegar and ΒΌ cup of bicarbonate of soda in the bowl. Leave the solution for 10 minutes, scrub and then flush. The answer will give you a sparking loo.

Create a Scrub

Soap and scum may occasionally build up on the floor and walls of your shower. Thus you will need a stricter powder or moisture to scrub the floor. You can make a cleaning scrub by mixing half part salt, baking soda and a half cup of washing soda. Store the mixture in an air-tight sealed container and use it one a regular basis to clean a specific spot on the floor. You can pour the powder on a surface and spray water over the area and scrub it with a cloth. Add vinegar instead of water to increase the power of this mixture. However, avoid abrasive scrubbing tools, and you can preheat the tiles by filling the bathtub and sink with hat water. The increased heat will make alkaline cleaners more effective.

Plan to Clean the Bathroom Bits by Bits

You don’t have to clean the entire bathroom thoroughly every day, but you can clean a small portion every day to keep your bathroom clean and fresh each day. For instance, you can wipe off the counter, sink, tile backsplash or spot clean the floor tile or mirror. Cleaning a little every day will make your future thorough deep-clean easier. You can begin cleaning with mild cleaning products, but if the floor or tiles are stained, you can use harsher detergents. Spray an equal measure of vinegar and water every week to keep your bathroom sparkling.


Bathrooms are designed around cleanliness and hygiene; thus its feel good to enter in a bright room. However, cleaning bathroom has been a daunting task for centuries. These ten tips will help you to clean your bathroom and leave it sprinkling always.

As you have noted, some of these practices are done daily, while others are weekly or yearly. Still, these activities will keep your bathroom free from moulds and mildew as well as minimize cases of blockage.

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