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Carpet Cleaning

vacuum carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning is a crucial element of providing and sustaining a clean environment in any household or business. Carpets and the materials they are made from can house dirt or smells for extended periods of time. Over a longer period, they can actually become impossible to come out. Cleaning of carpets requires a deep knowledge of the proper materials and substances used together to produce a profound and impactful clean. Our team experts receive consistent training to understand the various materials found in our community and what cleaning tools are best equipped to clean them.

Stain Removal

Whilst cleaning residential or commercial carpets, stain removal is repeatedly the most common challenge we are faced with. Stains that sit and are allowed to fester over an extended period of time prove to be trialling to remove. You are having a kids birthday party and somebody spills some juice or drops their plate of cake, all of a sudden you noticed its caught your new Persian rug...In these unfortunate series of events we recommend you converse with our team and allow us to rapidly guide you towards a solution. We have the tools necessary to cater to unexpected carpet cleaning or routine


Throughout the community here in Ballarat, our professional cleaning services team caters to the needs over several different commercial operations and the cleaning needs they have. A commercial clean is structured very differently than one that is required in a residential household. We understand that our commercial clients require cleaning at different hours of the day and days of the week. Rest assured our office is 100% capable to accommodate your business needs when it comes to cleaning. Contact our team today to find out the best-aligned solution we can offer for you.

Pet & Odor

The general popularity of pets is growing each and every year. The maintenance our pets require is sometimes overlooked when first deciding to adopt or care for an animal. Our fluffy little friends can sometimes leave us unwelcomed treasures within our household or even place of business. The trick to removing pet or any other unwanted odour is to regard the statement: time is of the essence. A quick application for the right ingredients and cleaning substance can do just the trick to remove a pet stain or nasty odour


A subcategory that we offered when considering carpet cleaning, is the option to clean your household or business furniture. Furniture can come in a range of different sizes, shapes and materials. Therefore making the cleaning of these household or commercial furniture’s a challenging task. Our team has the ability to take on these challenging cleaning operations and deliver the highest-level quality of clean for you and your household. Contact our team today and let us set you up with a perfectly suited cleaning schedule that is tailored to all of your needs.


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