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Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaner doing cleaning

Our team’s experts have specialized experience in understanding what it takes to effectively perform and execute a commercial clean. We know the variety of different businesses out there and each of them as challenging as the next. We also appreciate that sensitive information is kept within businesses along with company assets, many of which are high in value. This requires utilizing a company with a proven track record that explicitly illustrates zero safety accidents.

Bathroom Cleaning & Service

In a commercial enterprise, one of the seldom thought of functioning properties would be the effective use of a clean bathroom. Regardless of whether your business decides to allow staff and customers to utilize the facilities or strictly one or the other… The bathroom is its high importance to both the staff and consumers during their daily routine. Depending on the geographical location of your business or the general industry you find yourself within, you may find yourself requiring cleaning your bathroom more frequently than others. In our experience bathrooms in food and beverage businesses tend to be more heavily used and thereby undergo a deeper clean. Our team of certified professionals and understand what is required in achieving a successful clean and servicing of a commercial washroom. Because we take our business very seriously in the business of our clients even more so we dedicate a project lead to oversee and supervise the operations during a job.

Key Holding

Throughout our industry, it is common to bid on commercial cleaning for businesses. We do this by putting together a thorough understanding of your business and its needs while aligning a budget and commitment to high-quality, timely results. We decide to go above and beyond for our customers and thereby except the responsibility of security and safety whilst on the job. An added bonus when using our cleaning services for your commercial need is that we make a commitment to securing and protecting any and all valuable company assets by assigning a manager to hold the key. This key is only to be utilized for the assigned task of cleaning requirements at your place of business and nothing else.

External/Internal Windows

As a cleaning services company, we appreciate and understand the time invested in delivering clean windows. Windows, in any building whether it’s commercial or residential, prove to be a challenge to clean and to sustain that clean. Our team of experienced cleaners and project managers are equipped with the resources to deliver an unmatchable clean or your external and internal windows that will prove to surprise you and your customers. We make this commitment for as long as we hold the commercial contract at your place of business.  Contact our team members today to discuss how we can seamlessly align our services with the logistical needs of your business.  Allow us to take away one additional task that promises to simplify the daily life of you and your staff.

Kitchen and Floor Cleaning

Our team has put together a collection of pre-design, deliberate services to cater to the needs of commercial clients in our community. However should our pre-existing services not comply with your particular business we are happy to review your needs and substitute where necessary. This most frequently occurs when we successfully bid and secure a commercial property behind customer’s doors. This means a section of a business where customers are not frequently seen, a section only for staff. We offer to combine services such as kitchen and floor cleaning to bundle packages together for our clients.  This has proven to be a successful option for many of our commercial clients in the area. Should you and your staff decide on a different alignment of cleaning requirements please get in touch with one of our customer service representatives today to find out how we can create a custom solution for you.


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