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End of Lease Cleaning

end of lease cleaning service

A specialty service our team of experienced professionals has recently adopted for our customers has been the cleaning service for an end of the lease, be it commercial or residential. Property managers and real estate agents can benefit immensely from our service as it seamlessly concludes a tenants term at a household or commercial location. The last thing a landlord wants is to have to deal with a dirty, used and stinky clean up of their tenant's premise. We have delicately designed a system that is able to effortlessly support the landlord and their motivations.


The end of a lease at a residential property can be very complicated and troublesome if firstly, you have a difficult tenant or secondly, nothing is in the contract. The appropriate contractual terms, clearly stated in a residential lease can prove to be paramount in the retrieval of financial compensation when, and if the tenant leaves your home in complete disarray. Our team has years of experience in dealing with residential property owners and the tenants they choose to rent too. We can arrange a frequently clean and inspection of your property should you and the tenant agrees. Nevertheless, regardless of the situation at hand, our team has the knowledge and experience in drafting carefully designed solutions for you.


A commercial lease tends to be far more simplified than that of a residential lease. Reason being, commercial tenants almost always document contractual terms and the degree of caution is more commonly exercised when dealing with commercial tenants. That being said, commercial leases may incur their own sort of problems that lead to the need for a commercial cleaning service. If something like this were to happen, our team at Ballarat Cleaning Services are ready to make necessary arrangements to cater to your situation.

Tenant Damage

Should you have everything already in place and leave no concerns unaddressed in a residential or commercial lease yet are surprised by damage incurred by a tenant, our team offers a quick solution to remedy or clean if required. This tends to be a more one-off service that is called in when necessary rather than a regular routine cleaning schedule. Our team’s management has years of dealing with tenants in residential or commercial spaces and we have gathered the appropriate resources over time to facilitate our customers if they run into obstacles with tenants. Regardless, we understand you want your property to get back to tip-top shape as soon as possible so you can make us or you can begin another termed lease of the property. Call us today and advise us of your situation and we will provide solutions catered to you.

Contract Guidance

Over the years we have come across several situations where the cleaning fee at the end of a lease can be the responsibility of the tenant rather than a burden for the landlord. We understand that the contractual terms of your lease are none of our concern. However, if our team are able to advise you with tips and tricks that make your life a little simpler, we will not hesitate in doing so. Call us today and we look forward to speaking with you!


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