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Recurring Cleaning Service

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Recurring cleaning services are important for individuals who are not physically capable of completing these important scrubs. A lack of thorough cleaning due to limitations with scheduling or physical capabilities can put the household at risk without intervention. Our highly skilled staff of cleaners is available for recurring servicing of your residential or commercial space daily, weekly or monthly. Light cleans can be beneficial, but as we all know sometimes a higher frequency and deeper clean is needed to maintain the level of sanitation in the home. Spotless recurring cleans can be scheduled now, call our team to schedule your scrubbing routine now.


Not every recurring visit will see the same cleaning process and agenda. Our professionals will consult and come up with a cleaning plan with clients. To be able to more efficiently and effectively complete these cycles we change the priorities with different houses and time between cleans. Our team of highly regarded professionals in the Ballarat community will thoroughly deep clean your kitchen, bathroom and other areas as necessary to ensure whole-house cleanliness is kept. Mildew dirt and dust are kept at bay with these recurring cleaning services.

House Cleaning

Houses are comprised of rooms, sometimes a lot and sometimes just a few. At Ballarat Cleaning Services, we believe that the whole house is important. Sometimes extra rooms can be neglected or forgotten. Give your whole home the attention it deserves so that when an unexpected guest arrives you are not fumbling to clean the spare room. We are detail-oriented and high-level cleaning professionals who are trained in various cleaning techniques. Love coming home to your sparkling home, almost as much as you love our customer service.

Apartment Cleaning

Apartments can have high ridges, lofted ceilings with out of reach fans and other obstacles. Some apartments are deceivingly big and can be overwhelming to homeowners. Fortunately, our experienced staff is able to conquer these challenges with specialized tools and top tier products. Whether your home needs a full and detailed clean or maintenance clean your apartment needs will be met by our superior service. Our apartment cleaning services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule.

Custom Cleaning Plans

As priorities can vary from individual to individual, we work with our homeowners to create a cleaning plan that works for them. We are here to support your needs with every tool at our disposal. Ballarat Cleaning Services can create a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning plan designed to hit every need that is set on consultation. Of course, these plans are flexible and can be changed and altered through the course of the recurring cleaning schedule.  If you are not sure if recurring cleaning is right for you, we provide absolutely free and non-committal consultations with any customer inquiries about our services. We value the time and love you have put into creating your perfect home. Let us help maintain your home with recurring cleanings.


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