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Regular House Cleaning

house cleaner cleaning sink

Houses are sanctuaries; they are where we spend the majority of our time when not at our work. We are here to help keep your home comfortable and clean with our regular house cleaning services. Know that the highest qualities of cleaning products are being used in your home as we use environmentally sustainable products exclusively. We know that letting someone into your home to clean can seem redundant or intrusive, we also know the difference having a periodic or regular cleaning can have. Let us show you the difference before Ballarat Cleaning Services and after, we promise you will not want to go back.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens have been called the heart of the home. This is because kitchens are a gathering space for many families. We know the value and memories kitchens can bring to homes. Your kitchen should be clean and comfortable for yourself and friends. Our team is here to help no matter how big or small the task. Let us help deep clean your kitchen from the refrigerator to the stove. If this is not necessary we can clean the kitchen getting nooks and crannies easily forgotten on a regular clean.

Mattress Vacuuming

Our advanced methods will leave your mattress fresh and clean. Be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that advanced techniques have been utilized to remove dust and mites from your mattress. Stains are spot treated before the mattress is shampooed and cleaned thoroughly. Our team is capable of removing almost any stain from the material at hand and can assess the severity of the stain with a consultation. Although our techniques are highly effective and our methods cutting edge, we cannot promise the removal of stains on all mattresses. We will, however, be honest and forthright when explaining the severity of the stain and the process for removal with you.


Even when the bathroom is sparkling, areas may have been missed that can impact the health of you and your home. Be sure that the hidden spots are not missed and your bathroom is free of dirt and germs. Our team is able to clean bathrooms to the highest standard and leave your bathroom germ, mildew and dirt free. Our team is capable of removing many stains such as lime or rust. We will assess and quote the space in question at our consultation.

Deep Cleaning

Although a quick wipe of the counter and hurried vacuum help keep your home from getting too dirty, the light clean doesn’t always cut it. Going thoroughly through the dwelling and scrubbing every nook and cranny, you know the places we never look at, keeps allergens, dust and mites non-existent. Deep cleaning is a good way to go through the neglected areas of your home to extensively clean the space with environmentally conscious products. We only use products that are made with family in mind. Never tested on animals or harsh chemical compounds are used on any of our jobs.


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