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A clean office creates a great first impression and is inviting to potential investors, partners, clients, and employees. However, windows are one of the areas that are overlooked in a building. For instance, when was the last time you invited professional window cleaners for routine cleaning of your windows? 

Just like a clean office, sparkling windows create a hospitable workplace for your employees, increases their morale, reduces cost, and enhances the image of your brand. Therefore, you should regularly schedule a thorough window cleaning exercise by a professional washer. 

Commercial window cleaning job we completed in Ballarat with telescopic pole window washer

Steps for choosing commercial window cleaners

1. Request for Quotes 

The first step into getting your windows cleaned is to obtain quotes from different commercial window cleaners. These companies will request the following information before giving you a quote. 

  • The number of windows 
  • The size of the window 
  • Windows accessibility both from the inside and outside 
  • Dirt level both paint and mineral deposits 
  • Sills and tracks

Cleaning companies have prices of standard-size windows ready and can give you on the phone. However, they will prepare an on-site quote of specialty windows, and those with accessibility issues after visiting the premises.

2. Inquire about Additional Fees 

Most window cleaners will give a quote and tell you that it’s all-inclusive. However, that is not always the case because they might invoice you after you sign the contract citing specific challenges they never included in their quote. Some more problems that might arise in the future are; 

  • Additional expertise 
  • Difficulty in removing abrasions or stains 
  • Accessibility issues 
  • Cleaning storm screens or windows 
  • They may provide a quote for regular janitorial cleaning services and omit window cleaning or charge it separately upon inquiry 

3. Review the Estimates 

Understand what each quote entails since every company offers a different level of service. Ask them to clarify what each item means. For instance, does per window price includes both interior and exterior cleaning or one side, and is wiping off the frames incorporated? 

Choose a cleaning company with quotes within your budget, and you will get services for what you pay for. On the other hand, paying more doesn’t guarantee better services, while a cheaper option will lead to low quality work. 

The following is what you pay for in a standard cleaning services quotation. 

  • Cleaning process: Includes clearing cobwebs and debris for windows as well as cleaning the windows with squeegee rubber blades, microfiber towels, and clothes, scrubbing pads, water, and appropriate detergents. 
  • Expertise and equipment: commercial cleaning companies use water fed poles and extension poles, ladders, bottom lifts or scissor lifts, as well as rope access. Cleaners are trained on how to operate this equipment. 
  • Technology:  Well-established cleaning companies have a water fed pole system and specialized cleaning brush. These companies will mention this technology in their quotation to justify their prices.  

4. Their Scope of Work 

Some cleaning companies may offer a lower quote just to undercut their competitor. They might have been excited when you sign up, but with time they may realize that they made a mistake and the price quoted can’t meet their expenses. Therefore, they might be unable to offer certain services or discontinue without explanation or warning. 

Additionally, some companies are not fully equipped to take on new projects; thus, they may accept your job without the necessary equipment and fail to deliver as expected. 

5. Cleaning Timeframe  

You need to know how long the company will take to clean the windows. Typically, windows on a high-rise building will take longer to clean, while those on the small building will take a shorter period. Thus, the company should tell you how long it will take so that you can prepare your staff and the precautionary measures to put in place to protect your customers and employees. If the cleaning interferes with your business, then it’s better to make arrangements so that the cleaners can do it on the weekend, or in sections to avoid inconveniencing your employees or customers and to keep them safe. 

Commercial cleaning window done in Ballarat

What You Need To Know About Cheap Window Cleaners  

Not every commercial window cleaning service provider is professional, transparent, and thorough as they claim. Thus, some may offer a lower rate and compromise quality, which leads to spotted and streaked windows with soapy residue.   

Some of the shortcuts that these cleaners take are: 

  • They skip windows that are dirty, or with flyscreens because they take an extended time and more effort to clean. Further, these strains require scrubbers in addition to the soapy wash, or they have not invested in training their employees; thus, they lack the necessary skills to remove hardened dirt, which risk scratching the glass. 
  • They use unfiltered water, which contains hard minerals that have streaky deposits. Their low prices hinder them from using mineral-free distilled water. 
  • They use the wrong cleaning solution or harsh chemical cleaners, which attracts dust quickly or shorten the life of the glass. More so, they use cheap products, cleaning materials, or equipment
  • They don’t clean the frames and sills, or they don’t drain water that is collected on the sills. Further, they don’t remove grime and insect marks on the outer side. They insist that is extra work that is not covered on the quote and should be paid for.  
  • Cleaners use wrong drying cloth, which leaves fibres on the window or newspaper to dry the windows, which is not professional for they are supposed to use a microfiber cloth. 
  • They don’t wash in sections; thus, they apply soap on all windows, and this leads to soapy deposits before the cleaner rinses the windows. This process wastes a lot of time since they have to go back and start again, which causes them not to finish the cleaning process on time. 
  • They clean windows at the wrong time, such as on a hot, sunny day. Sundries the soap before they rinse, thus the leaving streaks and marks. The reason why the clean at the wrong time is because they have fewer employees, or can’t afford to pay experienced talents, hence poor services. 


Work with a licensed company and one with an excellent reputation like Ballarat Cleaning Services. Unlicensed, untrained, and uninsured firms will put your business at risk. However, a company with adequate experience and celebrated name in the community will help to enhance your brand image. 

Thus, partner with a company with a trained eye to spot potential hazards and is offering high quality clean, thus long-lasting results. Contact us at 0490 282 050 or email us at [email protected] any time for a free quote.

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