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Window Cleaning

house cleaner doing window cleaning

Ballarat Cleaning Services provides the premier window cleaning services in Victoria. We meet exceptionally high standards for safety. Our employees are dedicated to completing their assigned jobs within the industry time and safety standards. Whether your needs are specified to residential, commercial or new build we are able to accommodate any situation listed. Our team is constantly going through additional training courses to learn new techniques to remove tape, stickers and other material from the glass without damaging the window itself. We put the utmost care into every job that we take on, and we commit to our clients that the best is what we deliver every time.


Ballarat Cleaning Services utilizes the highest level of safety training and tools when taking on any commercial window-cleaning job. Our style of window cleaning is simple. We are consistent and calculated. We work as a team and work with all safety measures in place prior to the start of a job. Keep your windows sparkling clean and streak less with our window cleaning services.

Residential Interior

No job is too big or small for the team at Ballarat Cleaning Services. We excel in customer satisfaction and are guaranteed to leave a positive impression with our residential window cleaning services. Our team uses environmentally sustainable products to complete this service and is relentless in the standards we have set for our team of professionals. Interior window cleaning services are tailored to the building and the needs of the dwelling. High and hard to reach windows require specialized equipment that is utilized by our fantastic team of cleaners. Occasionally there are awkward spots that seem almost impossible, this isn’t the case and with our tools that reach up to 50 feet, we are able to clean these areas.

Residential Exterior

Due to the nature of being outdoors, exterior windows collect more dirt. Our solution used to clean windows compliments our top of the line squeegees. We use the highest-grade materials and tools on the market in our window cleaning process. The final touch up will ensure that no streaks were missed. Our proven track record and customer testimonials will be sure to put your mind at ease.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is completed with a water fed pole system using purified water. We are able to scrub each panel and rinse clean for a shine with no mineral deposits. Why do we clean solar panels? Well, the main answer to that question is that we are able to save the efficacy of your solar panel. There are multiple studies but unfortunately no set range for how many resources may be lost, although it may be as high as 25%. Our reliable and professional team takes pride in our work. We hire outstanding individuals to work with us and demand a high level of satisfaction. Be confident in your choice to trust Ballarat Cleaning Service and call today for a quote on solar panel cleaning or any other service.


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